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Thank you!

As one of our dedicated and awesome 505 volunteers, you already know that Good News Club® is a fruitful ministry impacting the lives of many kids and their families.


Thank you for choosing to help us raise funds so we can reach even more children in more schools in the years ahead!

This page is full of resources to support and help you as you raise funds.

         Fundraising Guide

                        Click here to download our Fundraising Guide. It's jam-packed                         with details, and great ideas to help you get started.

Start an Online Fundraising Page

After following this link, scroll down to the different fundraising campaigns we set

up. Choose the one for your school or your county.


                            Click on "Start a Fundraiser" then follow the prompts.

                            Questions? Ask us! 

                            Once it is set up, start sharing your fundraising link with friends,

                            family, neighbors and coworkers. 

Graphics to Download

Share these pics with your fundraising link online, with emails and with your thanks you's!​ Have an idea you would like to see us create? Let us know!

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