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Principals &
School Leaders


Thank you for your interest in Good News Club!

Our desire is to support what you and parents

do every day by teaching children

respect for authority, good citizenship,

treating others with love and respect, 

and many other practical and important life lessons!

Here's what principals say about the positive influence of Good News Club in their school:

“It allows the students and families of my school to have an extended learning opportunity connecting home/school/church. It allows students at the school to enhance their personal relationships with one another through the Good News Club activities. It fosters a positive connection between school character program and Good News Club traits.”

“Reading practice, mentoring, positive role models”

“Students love the program. Parents are excited to have the program in our school. The Good News Club works with us to promote good choices among children.”

“The directors and volunteers are doing a good job taking care of our kids. We do not get complaints from parents, nor do we have disciplinary issues after school.”

“Kids and parents love it, and the teachers are the absolute best! They are a JOY to have on campus.”

“Students of the Good News Club create lasting relationships with one another outside the academic setting of school. Students model lessons learned in the Good News Club during the school day. Students who might struggle with value choices at school are given great role models within the Good News Club. Parents of the Good News Club love having the safe haven of the school setting to enhance their child's academic and spiritual growth.”

“We love having such a positive program as part of our Community School programming. The Good News Club has been a very welcome addition to the school. Thank you.”

“I do not/have not observed any lessons; however, the students who are in Good News Club rarely receive discipline referrals to the office. Undoubtedly, the club has been a successful part in our curbing bullying and classroom disrespect from children.”


“We look forward to working with the Good News Club for many years to come. Thank you!”

Ten Reasons Why Schools Want a Good News Club 

1. The Good News Club assists in developing good citizens. Principals and teachers have said they can see a difference in kids who go to Good News Club because it assists in developing good citizens for the public elementary school by teaching children moral values, character qualities, and respect for authority.


2.   The Good News Club meets after school hours. Workers are careful to never cause disruption to the academic program of the school. Good News Clubs are conducted by reputable local churches which provide workers, funding and community involvement for the school. Volunteers from the sponsoring church often serve the school in other areas.


3.   The Good News Club is free to all children in the school. Boys and girls from K-5thgrade, regardless of religious background, are invited to Good News Club. Also, there is no charge to the children to join the club or for any materials. 


4.   Signed registration forms from a parent or guardian are required for any child to attend Good News Club. The registration form includes needed information concerning the child’s allergies, emergency contacts, and persons allowed to pick up the child from club. Parents are always welcome to visit the club.


5.   All Good News Club workers are screened. Every volunteer is screened as required by Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Child Protection Policy. CEF also carries a three million-dollar liability insurance policy.


6.   Every Good News Club worker is trained. CEF conducts extensive training so that each worker knows what to do from the time he/she enters the school parking lot until the last child is placed in a car with the parent. 


7.   Good News Club workers are with the children during the entire club hour. The ratio of Good News Club workers to children is typically 1:7 and the workers are committed to stay with the children through snack time, teaching time and dismissal until the last child is picked up.

8.   Good News Club workers clean the club area. After the last child leaves, workers are responsible to clean the area where club was conducted.


9.   There is one contact person between the Good News Club and the school. This avoids confusion and miscommunication. This contact person will provide the school with a list of all children attending the club as well as any other pertinent information. 


10. Good News Club provides positive fun for the children. Learning Bible stories, songs, and verses is made fun through games, visuals and dramatic teaching. A snack and other goodies are also provided each week.

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