What Should I do with my M&M tube when it is full of quarters?

Whatever is best for you:

  • Contact us about meeting up to pick it up from you

  • Turn it in to your club coordinator to turn in the next time he or she meets up with us

  • Write us a check for $14 and keep the quarters- CEF Southern Crescent, PO Box 1716 McDonough, GA 30253

  • Give $14 online and keep the quarters


God's Sovereignty: The Life of Joseph

The following lessons are in this series:


     1) A Family of Promise

     2) Joseph Sold By His Brothers

     3) Joseph's Temptation

     4) God Rewards Joseph

     5) God's Plan Revealed


Click on each lesson title for video demonstrations of each lesson. These

are a great tool for preparing for your Bible lessons! Not the Bible teacher? That's ok. Watching or listening to the video can help you know what is being taught and how your piece complements what is taught in the main lesson. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 1.59.47 PM.png


"Ice Cream MESS-age"


Songs for this Series:


Options to get this music:

*If your club is a Church Partner, please contact us and we will order for you at no cost!



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