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Want to reach your community this Christmas season?


According to Barna Research, the number of "non-practicing" Christians in America is rising while the number of "practicing" Christians is declining. And did you know that with each younger and younger generation, church attendance declines more and more? What alarming statistics!

Our society's culture is changing quickly... embracing godlessness and rejecting the concept of right and wrong, ridiculing anyone who believes in the truth of God's Word. How many memes and posts have you seen on social media lately encouraging and celebrating doing what makes YOU happy and finding YOUR truth? This is the world our children are growing up in.

We have been commanded to go into all the world to share the Gospel- that includes the children and families in our community. We would love to partner with you to reach these 
precious little ones and share the true message of God's love and the true meaning of Christmas!

The world may not be back to "normal" due to covid, but there are still people who need Jesus. He is the hope of the world!

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